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Be: The Music Video

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Have y’all checked out my latest music video, “Be”?! It’s the first single off my new album AP3 coming out later this year. I’m so thankful and excited that I can finally share it with my fans. It was one of the dopest music videos I’ve ever worked on! We traveled all over the world for this one – NYC, Brooklyn, LA, Baku and the Philippines. It was definitely a fun experience. If you’ve been left in the dark, then peep it below!

If you haven’t heard the track, we’ve got the lovely Jessica Reynoso, a former contestant on The Voice Philippines, singing the hook, and my homegirl Honey Cocaine, a Canadian-Cambodian rapper, throwing in a few bars with me. She was the Bonnie to my Clyde through the song and video. I’d also like to big-up #TeamApl for laying down this ridiculous track for us. The piano keys are hypnotizing!

Since I’m a big techie I wanted to show how people hide their real personalities online. I see this happen online with all the photo retouching, fake personalities, the trollin’…Yo, I’m not gonna front and say I haven’t been doing that either. At one point in my life I was making sure the pics I posted on IG were on point – posing at certain angles, making sure the lighting was right, 3-4-5 filters, all of that. But the thing that I realized and that I wanted to make sure everyone out there realizes is that you just gotta be who you be. In the video, you’ll see me and Honey linking up in so many different situations with different personas. But in reality, behind the screens we’re both just geeks who love to chill and play video games. I really wanted to let my fans know that you can be anything but you just gotta start simple and be yourself. Just BE!

Anyway, hope y’all liked it because we got a lot more goodies for you coming to a screen near you!


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