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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who rocks the best sunglasses of them all? APL be that dude. Haha, seriously though shades are essential, especially for the morning after. Kanye said it best…”Sunglasses & Advil, last night was mad real…” Here are my current top 5 favorite sunglasses!

1. Ray-Ban


You CANNOT go wrong with Ray-Bans. They’ve been in the game for a minute now. It’s pretty much standard to have a pair of their Wayfarers or Aviators in your collection! And now with all the crazy colorways and collaborations they’re doing, they got that flavor of the month for errrbody…

2. FF


These are so tough! The color makes them funky and we know I’m all about funky! Throw these on to add some color to your look.

3. Christian Dior


Dior was playing no games with these! The gold trim is dope. This is for that “clean line, but I’m still stuntin’ on ‘em” look. Perfect for reflecting all the hate away ;) Bye Felicia!

4. Cazal

Yo! For that back-in-the-day, extravagant 80’s look, you gotta rock Cazals. I’m talking that whole Scarface, Donnie Brasco flow, nah mean?! Now these 904s are official! Chrome frames with the purple gradient tints – we’re definitely killin’ it out here!

5. Playboy


If you can find a good pair of Playboys, definitely cop them. You’ll most likely only be able to find real legit Playboys in vintage stores nowadays. I’m loving these here and their vintage vibe. The smokey brown frames are classic! I rock these often just because it goes well with just about any outfit.

Let me leave you with some advice for you’re ready to cop a new pair of shades: it’s all about trial and error. It takes a while to find a pair that works with your face. Don’t worry though, the right pair of frames are out there! They got sunglasses of all sorts nowadays.


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