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When I had a chance to visit Vietnam, they welcomed me with open arms! This country has its own exotic beauty to it – the type where you just have to come and visit for yourself in order to really experience it. What I love about traveling to places like this is the inspiration I get from all the different cultures. Traveling is a great way to get that creativity going – it’s really during these times in transit that you’re really on that day dreaming tip.

Shoutout to singer/composer Thanh Bui, one of the many Asian talents I’ve been working with. We have mad things in common so working with him was effortless! To all my Southeast Asian fam, he was that dude in the boy band called North. He’s also the one that laced my BMBX artist, Jessica Reynoso, with the track ‘Just Like You.’ If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you give it a listen. It was definitely a dope experience visiting his students at the SOUL Music Academy. I swear I must have been a teacher or something in my past life! Speaking to young people feels so natural to me.

Thanh Bui! Hit me up fam! Ready to visit again whenever you’re ready!

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