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Summeranza ’14

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One of the things I’ll always love about this lifestyle is traveling to places I never thought I’d see when I was growing up.

Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and like a million other places on this planet are definitely worth laying eyes on and just walking among the people. I came a long way since I was a kid but I’ve never forgotten my roots. There were a lot of people involved in helping me get to where I am now. And that’s why I always try to do the same when it comes to helping the youth out.

Over the summer I had a chance to go back to one of my favorite cities and chill with the good ‘ol chaps of London at Summeranza ’14. This event gives EF (Education First) students something to look forward to during the summer months. And let’s get one thing straight – this has to be one of THE DOPEST festivals any kid could go to. Amusement park rides, cotton candy, karaoke, soccer (futball for all my international family), ridiculous DJs, and dope music acts (ahem…like yours truly) make for one unforgettable night. Man it was such a good feeling getting on stage and giving these kids a show! I mean, imagine 5000+ kids rocking to all the tracks that you perform! Crazy!!!


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