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Spinning all over the world

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Work for me involves traveling, some more traveling and lots more traveling.

Recently I’ve been spinning all over the world – London, Shanghai, Sydney – you name it, I’ve probably been there. Man, I love DJing. The feeling that you get when you see the crowd getting turnt up to the music is crazy. I love seeing when my set gets people going and they’re just straight vibing to it.

One night I did a set at my favorite spot in Marquee Sydney. Yo! Marquee always has good vibes, great crowds and…man…the women are beautiful. I think I’ve been to every Marquee in the world at this point. It’s my go-to spot because people always know how to have a good time when they’re up in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet my future wife there one day… ok maybe not…But you gotta check it out, whether it’s the Marquee in Sydney, Vegas or NYC. And you definitely need to come thru when I’m in town.

Travel 1 - Photo 1

Another dope spot I’ve laced beats for is Club S2 in Shanghai. The light show they put on in this place is ridiculous. The crowd was jamming to every single track I threw on. People in Shanghai definitely know how to get it in!

Travel 1 - Photo 2

And you know I always gotta show love for the PI. One of the craziest sets I’ve done was when I got to spin for the One Vibe Philippines event. That right there was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen. Love seeing my people swaying and singing along with me. That’s what makes my job so dope. Can’t wait to go back.

Travel 1 - Photo 3


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