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What you REALLY need to have a good time

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If you’re ever wondering what you REALLY need to have a good time when you’re prepping for a night out, let me break it down for you:

1. Your crew, fam, boys, whatever you call’m

2. Your fashion game on point

3. Drinks (in one hand–great, in both hands–LET’S GO!!!)

4. Music (I get down to anything, but my kryptonite is 90s hip hop)

5. And of course, women

* Please note: always bring “just in case” items with you. Gum or mints just in case you decided to go to that favorite Indian restaurant of yours before you hit up the club. Some extra $$$ for wherever the night takes you. Condoms cuz…well…you know.

Now when choosing a venue, you have two choices: 1) go where you know someone working the door, DJing or promoting the party cuz waiting in line is never a good look when you’re looking forward to the right start to your night or 2) go wherever you know it’s gonna be on and poppin’ (i.e., bodies swaying, bottles flowing, all of that). For me, Marquee is that spot. Like I said, I think I’ve been to every Marquee on this planet. Over the summer I hit up Marquee NYC to support my fam, Taboo, and the release of his new single Zumbao. Tab had that place going bananas before I even got there. And when I showed up after another event I performed at, everyone was so turnt up!!! Taboo was on another level that night. Check out the video. This should be the standard for every night you go out, from here on out!


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