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Chef Apl

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These days I’m living the single life so I don’t always get a good home cooked meal.

My mother used to cook a mean bistek and adobo dish. Man I miss those days. My assistant and one of my oldest friends, Anna, learned how to cook from my mom, and she would cook for me. But damn. It wasn’t enough. So I told myself, “Apl, you gotta cook for yourself.” That’s how Chef Apl was born.

Whenever there’s a fight, ESPECIALLY when Manny Pacquiao is in the ring, I hit everyone up and start working it out in the kitchen. Even when BEP was on tour I’d be cooking for the whole crew – Will.i.Am is a big fan of my chicken adobo, Taboo loves the sinigang and nilaga, and my girl Fergie loves bistek.

But today is your lucky day. Chef Apl is teachin’ you how to make my all time fave – Bistek. Chop your onions and get ready to tenderize that meat and check out the vid below:


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