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Mile High Karaoke

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Not once did I ever think that I would be in the book of Guinness World Records, let alone for anything involving airplanes. But that’s exactly what happened back in 2009. Lemme tell you… that was the best flight of my life. Not only did they hook up a Boeing 737 with speakers and a sick DJ booth, they wrapped the plane with this HUGE BEP pic. At 41,000 feet BEP and Virgin Blue broke the world record for ‘highest ever concert performed on an aircraft’.

With 140 special guests onboard, including my boys Redfoo and Sky Blu from LMFAO, we partied all the way from Melbourne to Perth. Man, I didn’t even notice that the flight was 4 hours long cuz we were having so much fun singing and dancing. For months, the Virgin Blue team worked to set this gig up. For real, to be a part of something so big is def an honor and I hope that party planes become more common in the future LOL!!

Check out pics from the day below:





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